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Watching Olympics, No Time for Blogs

February 23, 2010

That pretty much sums it up. I love the winter Olympics! This is the first time in a long time that I’ve been able to watch much of it. So far I think I’ve had a chance to watch at least a little bit of everything. It only comes around every four years, so I don’t mind indulging myself a bit. That’s one of the reasons this post will have that random flavor to it.

Hey but I do have a FO. (You haven’t fainted out there, have you?) The Olympics have been good for doing some actual knitting. A friend’s toddler had his first birthday, so I made him a stocking cap. I made it to gauge for the one year size but it ended up a little big for him. It was fun and a quick and easy knit though.

Stocking cap

I used the Striped Stocking Cap pattern from Knit Baby Head & Toes! Hey but the way he’s growing, it may fit perfectly in a few days. Next time I guess I’ll have to sneak around with a tape measure.

It hasn’t been all Olympics. I’ve also been taking Rumba lessons. I’m having fun with it. Plus now that I’ve had my second lesson, I don’t feel quite so fumble footed.

Doesn’t this goat look like it needs to be pushing a shopping cart? I’m sure Katie cat and the ferrets are hoping I don’t get any ideas.

Katie cat on the couch

“Mom, I’m taking your spot on the couch for your own good.
You’ve watched so much of the Olympics, you’re getting loopy.”
– Katie

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