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Welcome to Spring

March 21, 2010

It’s officially spring here, even if the weather isn’t so sure. Yesterday it was in the 70s. Tomorrow the high is in the 40s, with rain of course. But the important part is that we actually had a few days of sunshine. Right before the sunshine came back out, we had some stormy weather. As I pulled into the parking lot at the office the next morning, I noticed a mass of rusted metal on the ground next to the house across the street.

Watertower roof on the ground

I didn’t think too much about it at first because there were some guys working around that house the previous day. Then someone came in and asked if we saw where the roof of the water tower almost hit the house. You can just see the legs of the water tower on the other side of the house. I was amazed that there wasn’t much damage to the house. It looks like they’ll have to replace a few shingles but that’s about it.

How I hate the time change. This year I decided to get ahead of it and change my clocks on Friday night instead of Saturday. That worked out really well, by the way. Then as I was washing out my coffee pot on Sunday, I hit it against the sink and it broke. (whimper) I have several backup coffee pots but it was just one more thing to throw me off schedule. The whole week seemed to go like that. That first week after the time change is always tough.

Why ferrets and Styrofoam don’t mix.

I made the mistake of putting a piece of styrofoam in a trash can that the ferrets can reach.

Yes, that is a trail of styrofoam going down the hall.

See the trail of little white dots in the hall? That’s bits of styrofoam.

Clyde with bits of styrofoam all over him

“Mom, look at this sweet face. You have no proof that I’ve been digging in the styrofoam.” – Clyde

A Blogiversary, And Suddenly It’s Spring

March 8, 2010

At the beginning of last week we had snow most of the day. By this weekend, it was spring with temperatures in the 60s with sunshine. It’s supposed to be 70 today! Just some sunshine alone would have been welcome, but with warmer temperatures we all have spring fever.


Now suddenly the daffodils are up and starting to bloom too.

With the great comment hoopla, I sort of missed my six year Blogiversary. (I may or may not have started a string of complaints on the Echo support board.) My first blog post here was a very uninspiring one sentence post on Leap Day. It gets better by the second post. I guess it’s only appropriate that I spent my blogiversary moving to a new site. The old blog was due for a major overhaul anyway, so why not start fresh.

A few linkies to get week started off right

Here’s a little bit of YouTube humor to start your week.

Bert Parks sings “Let ‘Em In” at the 1976 Miss America pagent. The quality of the video isn’t that good but it is so worth it.

L.Hadron and the Colliders performs The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” using only items from Think Geek.

Finally, Surprise the ferret steals 14 pairs of socks. I can so identify with this!

Which leads me to my closing ferret photo. Chris has been documenting Chaos cleaning Mayhem’s ears so I thought it was only fitting that I show Dexter cleaning Clyde’s ears. Dexter seems to think it’s his mission to keep all ears clean.

Dexter cleaning Clyde

“Dexter, you cleaned my ears yesterday!” – Clyde

“Ears can never be too clean.” – Dexter

Watching Olympics, No Time for Blogs

February 23, 2010

That pretty much sums it up. I love the winter Olympics! This is the first time in a long time that I’ve been able to watch much of it. So far I think I’ve had a chance to watch at least a little bit of everything. It only comes around every four years, so I don’t mind indulging myself a bit. That’s one of the reasons this post will have that random flavor to it.

Hey but I do have a FO. (You haven’t fainted out there, have you?) The Olympics have been good for doing some actual knitting. A friend’s toddler had his first birthday, so I made him a stocking cap. I made it to gauge for the one year size but it ended up a little big for him. It was fun and a quick and easy knit though.

Stocking cap

I used the Striped Stocking Cap pattern from Knit Baby Head & Toes! Hey but the way he’s growing, it may fit perfectly in a few days. Next time I guess I’ll have to sneak around with a tape measure.

It hasn’t been all Olympics. I’ve also been taking Rumba lessons. I’m having fun with it. Plus now that I’ve had my second lesson, I don’t feel quite so fumble footed.

Doesn’t this goat look like it needs to be pushing a shopping cart? I’m sure Katie cat and the ferrets are hoping I don’t get any ideas.

Katie cat on the couch

“Mom, I’m taking your spot on the couch for your own good.
You’ve watched so much of the Olympics, you’re getting loopy.”
– Katie


February 17, 2010

I know. I never have sewing on the blog. It started when my favorite shower slippers fell apart. No, not slippers I wear in the shower. They’re the ones I wear to and from the shower or the ones I slip on if I get up in the middle of the night. So I decided I would make a pair. I found a pattern and some cute fabric. Everything went well until it came time to sew on the binding. So the binding is super funky but hey, I like them anyway.


If I make another pair, I’ll probably do it a little different. Rather than trying to juggle forty billion layers of fabric, interfacing, batting and binding all at once, I’ll probably machine sew it before putting on the binding and then hand sew the binding. Or I’ll just leave off the binding entirely. It thought about taking the binding off and starting over, but really, they’re just to scuff around the house. So the next pair will be better, when I make the next pair. Course that may not be for another year or two.

Otherwise we had more snow this Monday, but not quite as much as last Monday. I know some of you are sick of seeing snow so I won’t make you look at more pictures of it. It has been perfect weather for watching the Winter Olympics. I love the Winter Olympics. I didn’t get to see as much as I wanted last year so I’m really enjoying it this year.

I’ll leave you with an unusual scene, a lap full of quiet ferrets, quiet long enough to take a few pictures. It doesn’t happen that often.

Clyde and Dexter

“Hey it’s nice and cozy here, so we don’t mind staying for a few minutes.” – Clyde and Dexter

Surprise! It’s Snow!

February 8, 2010

We were supposed to have rain this morning. Instead we ended up with about 4 to 5 inches of nice fluffy snow. (Click to embiggen.)


The weather service totally missed this one. I’ve always said though that our biggest snows are not predicted. Our neighbors across the street built a snow-bathing woman. Looks like she has sun lotion but I don’t think she’s going to need it.

Snow Woman

I tried to get the ferrets to play in the snow. Zoe decided she would rather sleep in. Clyde ran back into the house and hid under the couch as soon as his feet hit the snow. Then there was Dexter. Dexter took to the snow right away. Sticking his head under the snow, he tunneled all around the yard.

Dexter Ferret in the Snow

But then Dexter has a little more, uh, insulation than the other two ferrets.

Dexter Ferret in the Snow

“Does the snow make my butt look big?” – Dexter