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PVC Niddy Noddy

  • You can get some really nice, reasonably priced wooden niddy noddies. Sometimes though you need a niddy noddy in a hurry, you’re short on money, or you need something more durable than your nice wooden niddy noddy. A PVC niddy noddy is cheap and easy to make. The other nice thing about this niddy noddy is that you can twist it so it lays flat or take it apart for storage. I found some instructions on the Internet somewhere but they are easy enough to make. You will need:
  •  Four or five feet of 1/2″ diameter PVC (a little wider is okay too)
  •  Two PVC T connectors, also 1/2″ diameter
  •  Something to cut the PVC. You can use a hack  saw, a pipe cutter, a dremel tool, or whatever you have available to cut the PVC.
  •  Some sandpaper to smooth the rough edges.

Cut the PVC into one 18 inch piece and four 6 inch pieces of PVC. Place the T connectors on each end of the 18 inch piece of PVC. Then put the 6 inch pieces of PVC into the remaining side openings of the T connectors. See the diagram below. You should have something that looks like a capital “I”.


When you are ready to use it, twist one end so it’s rotated 90 degrees from the other end. If your pieces of PVC tend to come apart, you may need to use glue to stick it together. This means you won’t be able to twist it flat. I found some good instructions for wrapping yarn on a niddy noddy in Hands on Spinning by Lee Raven. The book is small and reasonably priced but has a lot of information in it for its size. There are also some good online instructions for Using a Niddy Noddy. After you have wrapped the yarn around it, it looks something like the picture below. That’s Katie Cat checking out the niddy noddy in the upper right corner of the picture.

Niddy noddy with yarn

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